Sunday, December 14, 2008

From above !!!

I really like to take photograph from high position so that I can have the overall view of the whole scene. These pictures are taken in Da Nang, I love the scene of sea and mountain. when seeing the whole scene from the high location, I feel comfortable and relax :D. Have fun and enjoy them :)

Photomontage :)

This is my collage assignment, I think it is not too bad. This work describes a dream scene, the idea came from my imagination. I used 9 sources of image to create this one. I used mask technique and blending mode to combine all images. I tried to make it look somehow romantic and mysterious.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Photoshop practice 3

This photo I took is really colourful and bright, the flowers were blossomimg. They were really beautiful and full of vitality. However, I add rain effect and change its colour to create sad mood for this picture. It looks like an image of the past, no colour, no brightness, no light.

Photoshop practice 2

Well, this picture is also created by filter effects of PS. Although its shape is quite messy but I try to create symmetry for the whole layout. There is mess in symmetry as well as there is symmetry in mess.

Photoshop practice 1

I found this image through google earth, after that I used PS add some filter effects (Blur and Stylize). At first, I just used one colour for this picture but later I found it would be more special if I add more colours to emphasize and separate each part. When I apply these effects for this photo, it looks like a thermal blueprint plan of a city but you can use them for other kinds of photo, the result can be interesting. Here is my work :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Abstract background (PS)

I really like to use PS to create beautiful background and here is my work after some trials:

Gestalt Theory

This is my layout according to gestalt concept:

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Photos from above

I took these photographs when I was on my flight to Singapore. It was so interesting and amazing with the feeling that I was on a plane, far from the land :) (but I really was quite scared a little bit due to the height. Yeah that's true, especially when I thought about accidents of planes hah. However, I still really enjoyed taking photos from the window of the plane. It is really beautiful, I think). Here are some works of mine.

Photograph practice

These are photos which I took on a night at Vung Tau. I really like to move my camera (don't hold it stably or keep it stand still :D) because it will create special effect for the pictures, especially with light. The photos below are taken when I stood at the 22nd floor of a building at night so there were a lot of street lights (I thought so) and they are quite interesting. Hope you guys will enjoy them. Thanks all ^_^ !